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ColorBurst Systems

Our History

Compatible Systems Engineering, Inc. (CSE) was founded in 1980. CSE began business providing custom hardware and software to the magazine publishing industry. During the mid 80's to early 90's, CSE's Professional Publishing System consisted of Design, Editorial, Text Composition, and a Production Page Layout program, all on a standard PC Windows platform. By the mid 90's CSE had expanded into developing a PC Windows software RIP to drive the IRIS Digital Proofer. This began the ColorBurst RIP, which was to become the OEM bundled RIP for large format printers including Vutek, Epson, and DuPont.

ColorBurst Today

We have officially changed our name to ColorBurst Systems. In 2010, we released the Overdrive RIP for Mac, which is now our primary RIP product. A few years later, we opened Studio142 as a high-end fine art scan and print service, featuring our new LED Cruse scanner and custom black and white print technology. Always on a quest for better color, the Cruse scanner became a testing ground for LED lighting as it affects color capture. This testing led to the development of our SpectraCore LED lighting solution.




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