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The ColorBurst Digital Inkjet CTP System is an eco-friendly, low-cost alternative to film, laser platesetters and chemical-based polyester plate systems. Now press shops can "go green" and deliver outstanding print quality with press-ready plates from ColorBurst for use on 2-up and 4-up traditional printing presses.


2-up plates on any 17" Epson Stylus Pro printer $4,995

System Includes:
ColorBurst CTP RIP for Windows and plate curing unit (Epson printer not included)

2-up plate printing
Print-for-Pay profiles

Printers supported:
Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 4880, 4800, 3880, 3800

4-up and 2-up plates on any Epson Stylus Pro printer up to 44" $5,995

System Includes:
ColorBurst CTP RIP for Windows, plate curing unit and printer plate guide for 24"/44" printers (Epson printer not included)

2-up and 4-up plate printing
Print-for-Pay profiles
Halftone Dot proofing

Printers supported:
Epson Stylus Pro 9900, 9890, 7900, 7890, 4900, 4880, 4800, 3880, 3800

ColorBurst CTP RIP Only Competitive Upgrade  

Available for qualified systems; contact us at (703)723-8580 for details and pricing.



ColorBurst CTP RIP Demo
To request a 15-day demo of the ColorBurst Computer-to-Plate RIP, please call us at (703)723-8580.

ColorBurst CTP RIP Samples
Call us at (703)723-8580 to request print samples and sample plates from your job for testing.



Windows Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Dual-core 2.6 GHz CPU


1280 x 1024 minimum monitor resolution

USB 2, Ethernet, or Firewire printer connection

USB port for dongle

DVD drive for installation



Chantilly Printing and GraphicsCP&G: Making the Leap to Inkjet CTP with ColorBurst
CP&G, a print shop in Herndon, VA, is saving $950+ per month after switching to the ColorBurst CTP system vs. their old laser platesetter; the system will easily pay for itself in less than one year.
Read online or Download the PDF



PANTONEAn affordable Computer-to-Plate solution
The system consists of the ColorBurst CTP RIP software to print halftoned plate images and a plate curing unit to heat-cure the printed plates.

A printer plate guide is included with the 4-up system to properly align plates before printing (the 2-up system does not require a guide).

Add the system to your Epson Stylus Pro printer
The ColorBurst Digital Inkjet CTP System supports a wide range of Epson Stylus Pro printers, allowing you to add it to a printer you may already own. Or add it to any supported Epson Stylus Pro printer based on your other printing needs.

Print composite or separations from applications
The ColorBurst CTP RIP allows you to print directly from your image-editing and layout applications, such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXPress. ColorBurst can be added as a new printer under Mac OS X and Windows. The ColorBurst printer can then be selected from your application in the Print dialog, where you can print as composite or separations. The job will be sent to the ColorBurst Job List to build plate images.

Print halftone dot composite proofs (available in 4-up version only)
Catch moiré patterns before going to press with halftone composite proofs. The ColorBurst Digital Inkjet CTP System prints true halftone dot composite proofs to let you see the exact linescreen and screen angles that you'll get on your separated plates.

Build output-independent plate images
The ColorBurst CTP RIP allows you to reuse plate images for different output. The same file can be reprinted at different line screens (133, 150, 175 or 200 LPI), different screen angles, or on different sized plates without reprocessing.

Make in-house color-accurate contract proofs and photographic prints
The ColorBurst CTP RIP includes ColorBurst's award-winning print-for-pay environments and ICC profiles for photographic prints and SWOP/GRACoL certified* proofs.

Full PostScript® Support
ColorBurst includes Postscript Language Level 1, 2, and 3 support for PS, EPS, and PDF files. This includes EPS files with JPEG compression, multipage files, and multichannel DCS files. Other file formats supported include CMYK, RGB, Lab, 16-bit, and color-mapped TIFF files (including LZW compression), CMYK and RGB JPEG files, and RTL raster files.

Part of a complete "green" solution
The ColorBurst Digital Inkjet CTP System is made complete by the full line of CleanDot press inks, chemistry, and plates. When used together, the ColorBurst CTP System and CleanDot products offer an efficient, eco-friendly solution from plate generation to press cleanup.

*ColorBurst is SWOP/GRACoL certified on 18 combinations of Epson printers and medias; certification details are available at

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