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ColorBurst RIP Comparison Chart
Pricing and Features

OS REQUIREMENTS   Overdrive   ColorBurst Pro  
Mac OS X 10.6+   yes
Windows Vista, 7, or 8   yes
  Overdrive   ColorBurst Pro  
Printers up to 17" wide   $795   Please contact us to  
Printers up to 24" wide   $1,095   discuss pricing and  
Printers up to 44" wide   $1,395   licensing options
Printers up to 64" wide   $1,595   for all sizes of  
Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 only   -   ColorBurst Pro.  
Printers up to 72" wide/Licensed for 2 printers   -      

Printers up to 110" wide/Licensed for 2 printers

FILE MANAGEMENT AND PRINTING   Overdrive   ColorBurst Pro  
Job Manager   yes   yes  
Print directly from your applications, including Adobe Illustrator®, InDesign®, and Photoshop®  

(not supported in Windows 8)

Built-in "Hot Folder" for drag-and-drop printing across networks   yes   yes  
TCP/IP support   yes   yes  
USB support   yes   yes  
FILE SUPPORT   Overdrive   ColorBurst Pro  
Postscript support for PS, EPS, and PDF files, including multipage files and JPEG compression   yes   yes  

CMYK, RGB, Lab, and color-mapped TIFF files, including LZW compression, and CMYK and RGB JPEG files

  yes   yes  
PSD, Camera RAW, PNG, BMP, J2K, and PICT files   yes
(Mac only)
16-bit TIFF files   yes   yes  
See product pages for specific models
  Overdrive   ColorBurst Pro  
Any printer with a current printer driver, including Canon, HP and Epson   yes   -  
Epson Stylus Pro   yes   yes  
Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland   -   yes  
COLOR MANAGEMENT   Overdrive   ColorBurst Pro  
Works with standard RGB ICC media profiles, often available from your paper manufacturer   yes   -  
Comes pre–configured with custom CMYK ICC profiles   -   yes  
SpectralVision Pro included to perform linearization and build custom CMYK ICC Profiles with an X-Rite Spectrophotometer   -   yes  
Automatically add a standard or custom Color Bar to each print   yes
(Mac only)
Controls for Total Ink Limit and Black Preservation   -   yes  
Bezier Curves with Light Ink Conversion   -   yes  
Separate RGB, CMYK, and Grayscale Input Profiles   yes   yes  
Use embedded profiles option   yes   yes  
Output simulation for pre-press   yes   yes  
ColorBurst's AutoSpot™ technology for optimized PANTONE® colors   yes   yes  
Custom (non-Pantone) spot color matching   yes   yes  
PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS   Overdrive   ColorBurst Pro  
Scale images   yes   yes  
Nesting/Layout   yes
Step and Repeat   yes
Image preview   yes   yes  
Rotate images   yes   yes  
Crop images   yes
Tile images with trim marks and image bleed   -   yes  
Print Job Titles with each print job   yes
Create straight and contour cut paths (Roland)   -   yes  

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