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Create your own ICC Profiles with the ColorBurst RIP and SpectralVision Pro

Spectrophotometer available separately from X-Rite


A ColorBurst USB dongle is required to build an ICC Profile. SpectralVision Pro will create a linearization file without a dongle, but the Profile Build window is disabled when a ColorBurst dongle is not plugged in to a USB port. This means that SpectralVision Pro can not be used with the ColorBurst demo to create an ICC profile—a full license of ColorBurst with the ColorBurst dongle is required. (Epson ColorBurst USB dongles do not support the profiler.)

SpectralVision Pro is installed as part of the ColorBurst installation. The system requirements for SpectralVision Pro are the same as the requirements for the version of ColorBurst you are running.




SpectralVision Pro is provided with ColorBurst to measure and save linearization, profiling, and PrintCertification targets.
SpectralVision Pro is not included with ColorBurst Overdrive.

A linearization file is a curve that corrects for non-linear output throughout the tonal scale. Over time (and on every different media) a printer will drift from its original state. By relinearizing you are updating an environment’s existing linearization and putting the printer back into its original state, reproducing all the conditions under which the ICC Profile was made. When you relinearize, you have made the ICC profile as accurate as the day it was made. SpectralVision Pro includes linearization targets for all supported spectrophotometers.

ICC Profiling
SpectralVision Pro can be used to create custom CMYK ICC profiles. Profiles can be made for any ink and media combination. SpectralVision Pro includes controls usually seen in expensive profiling software, such as Black Generation, Black Ink Limiting, and an adjustable Black Ink Curve. These controls give you complete control over the black build. ICC profiles created with SpectralVision Pro are standard ICC profiles and can be used in any ICC compatible application.



All X-Rite devices, other than ColorMunki, are supported by the latest release of SpectralVision Pro. Linearization with ColorMunki is no longer supported.


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